VANCOUVER, May 8-10, 2024


Director, Innovation & Emerging Technology, KPMG Canada

Photo_Marc Low
Wednesday | 09:45 AM – 10:30 AM: Keynote Speaker, Marc Low, “This Changes Everything: AI, the New Paradigm and Where to From Here”

AI is no longer an abstract futuristic concept, it’s our present reality. This presentation explores the transformative impact of AI on business and society, exploring why technological disruption can be difficult to see and what comes next once a new paradigm takes hold. We’ll explore real-life applications and challenges and share practical advice to help leaders thrive in the paradigm shift that is our AI era.

Marc is a change agent, techno-optimist, mentor and investor. His work is focused on helping organizations design strategies to seize the opportunity of a rapidly evolving future. His experience spans tech growth companies, multinational consultancies and his own startups, giving him a unique perspective on digital innovation and what is needed to make it “stick” inside organizations. His focus on user-centered design principles informs the strategies that help clients leverage exponential trends like digital twins, blockchain, generative AI and the rapidly evolving “future of work” —and turn nouns into value.
He has the privilege of calling beautiful Vancouver, Canada, home.

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