VANCOUVER, May 8-10, 2024


Chief Scientist, Stahmann Webster, Australia

Miriam Villen-min
Friday | 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM – Guest Speaker Sustainability Seminar, Dr. Miriam Villen King

Dr. Miriam Villen King, originally from the picturesque Canary Islands, Spain, embarked on her Australian journey in 2011 following the completion of her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Her path unexpectedly led her to agriculture, igniting her true passion. Starting humbly as a stickpicker at a pecan farm, Miriam developed a profound love for the trees and fieldwork. Seeking further growth, she interned at the pecan processing factory in Toowoomba, reaffirming her dedication to agriculture. Fueled by her thirst for knowledge, she pursued a master’s degree and eventually a PhD in agricultural engineering while employed at the same farm. Now, as a Doctor, Miriam serves as the chief scientist for the esteemed business Stahmann Webster, focusing her research on enhancing the sustainability of tree nuts. In 2023, Miriam received a prestigious Nuffield Scholarship, marking another significant milestone in her journey.

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