VANCOUVER, May 8-10, 2024


Managing Director, Bösch Boden Spies, Germany

Miriam Gautier
Friday | 9:45 AM – 10:30 AM – Guest Speaker Sustainability Seminar, Miriam Gautier

Miriam Gautier is Managing Director at Bösch Boden Spies, a modern B2B food supplier and sustainable family business established 111 years ago. She holds a university degree in Business Administration with a focus on international trade. With over 20 years of international B2B sales experience across diverse industries, Miriam’s passion for intercultural relationships stems from her upbringing on a South African wine farm, studies in Italy and work in France and Germany for international companies.
Since May 2023, Miriam has been a member in the INC Sustainability Working Group and an INC Ambassador for Germany. Collaborating internationally on improving sustainable business practices is a matter dear to her heart. She was appointed as Chair of the INC Sustainability Working Group in October 2023.
Beyond her professional achievements, Miriam Gautier enjoys a fulfilling personal life as a mother of three children and spouse to a French man. She loves spending time cooking, travelling to distant countries, or sailing the Mediterranean Sea.

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