Moran Professor of Conservation and Development, University of Cambridge, UK.

Rachael Garrett
Tuesday | 09:30 AM – 10:15 AM: Guest Speaker Sustainability Seminar, Dr. Rachael Garrett

Rachael Garrett is the Moran Professor of Conservation and Development at Cambridge University and part-time Professor of Environmental Policy at ETH Zurich. Her research focuses on understanding the drivers and impacts of land change, primarily in forest landscapes, and the effectiveness and equity of forest conservation policies and practices. Of relevance to this meeting, she conducts research in Brazil, West Africa, and Indonesia on the impacts of corporate supply chain sustainability policies relating to deforestation for soy, beef, cocoa, and oil palm. She also has ongoing work on opportunities and barriers to upscaling forest landscape restoration and low carbon agriculture through financial investments and supply chain interventions.

Dr. Garrett works closely with national agriculture and forestry agencies and with companies to advise them on their sustainability policies. She has degrees from Boston University, Columbia University, and Stanford University. She serves on the UN Science Panel on Voluntary Sustainability Standards and the UN Science Panel for the Amazon, as well as the scientific advisory boards of the Transparency for Sustainability Economies Initiative (Trase), Evidensia, and Conservation Finance Future.

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