Director, Nefuen Trading, Chile

Wednesday | 08:30 AM – 09:30 AM – HAZELNUTS ROUND TABLE: Jorge Mohr

Jorge Mohr Fuchslocher is Co-Founder and Director of Nefuen Trading Chile Spa in South Chilean Patagonia. His family has a long history of farming dating back to 1852 in Chile, and he is an agronomist engineer with a focus on innovation and agriculture. Together with Grupo Hijuelas, one the most important nurseries in Chile, owned by Family Goycoolea, they started the largest in vitro propagation of hazelnut in Chile, which represents Oregon State University cultivars such as Yamhill, Tonda Pacifica, McDonald and others for South America and Europe. They currently own and farm more than 600 hectars of those types, and they work with other farmers to trade their off-season fresh hazelnuts around the world.

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