Owner and Founder, Sunshine (Tianjin) Produce Limited, China

Photo_Liyuan Chen
Tuesday | 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM – BRAZIL NUTS AND PINE NUTS ROUND TABLE: Liyuan Chen

Liyuan Chen is the owner and founder of Sunshine (Tianjin) Produce Limited. He majored in Biology and graduated from an elite University in 1989. He is a former government officer from CIQ as a Certified Associate for 5 years.

He built up Sunshine from nothing in 1992, a pioneer company in Seeds, Nuts and Dried Fruit industry, and nowadays playing a very important role in this sector. Sunshine has been committed to producing high quality ingredients for the bakery and snack industry with a wide range of products, and has established stable long business relationships with esteemed food companies.

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