Tootsi Presents Yupik’s Retail Collection for the INC Innovation Award

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Snacking just got better: Yupik’s Retail Collection is a new line of exciting signature snacks that blend nostalgic and innovative flavors. Get ready to uncover a delightful selection of sweet & savory glazed nuts and unforgettable mixes.

At Yupik, we’re all about sharing life’s small pleasures. We are excited to introduce our new Retail Collection, a diverse selection of snacks and pantry essentials.

Inspired by the joy of sharing, our collection features new innovative signature snacks crafted by our in-house research & development team. These snacks are a tribute to timeless treats and nostalgic moments.

Grab our PB meet J Mix for a spin on a cozy childhood favorite. Blending dried strawberries, peanuts, chocolaty cups and shortbread cookies, this irresistible smooth and crunchy blend is an homage to the iconic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Our Jukebox Mix evokes the charm of retro diners and banana splits. Featuring crunchy bananas, roasted peanuts, and indulgent chocolate truffles, this blend takes inspiration from Elvis’ iconic peanut butter banana sandwich.

Our new line has much more to offer, including a unique selection of innovative flavored cashews. Alongside the sophisticated Bloody Mary Cashews and Mimosa Cashews, we present the sweet and savory Cosmic Cashews, an interstellar blend of roasted cashews glazed with maple syrup, coated with sea salt and nutritious chia seeds and quinoa.

At Yupik, every snack tells a story. What is yours? Join us on a journey of new and nostalgic flavors, one bite at a time.

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