Boudjebel Presents Date Flakes for the INC Innovation Award

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Immersing in a revolutionary snacking experience with our Date Flakes: A 100% natural crunchy and healthy way to enjoy the goodness of dates. Embracing innovation and redefining the daily snack for uncompromising gourmet pleasure.

Dates in Flakes: Fall for the natural one!

Our Date Flakes were born from a deep sensitivity to current environmental challenges. Climate change, advance of the desert, increased water stress and extreme weather conditions, has led to a deterioration in the quality of table dates, making them drier and sometimes less aesthetic. However, within Boudjebel, “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. We have converted these once neglected dates into a delicious and practical new form: Date Flakes.

These crunchy delights combine the natural sweetness of dates with a light, airy texture to create an unforgettable mouthfeel. But there’s more to these flakes than just being a delicious treat. Not only they embody a pioneering and sustainable response to these latest climate defies but also offer an innovative way to eat more dates, a superfruit often overlooked despite its many health benefits.

Lately, the chewy texture specific to Deglet Noor dates has been seriously compromised. That fact led the company think about the fate of these increasingly dry dates, with enormous production and sorting gaps. Dates can no longer be sold as is. Hence the need for going circular. To this end, Boudjebel created a Food Ingredient subsidiary aiming to promote dates in their entirety; from the seed to the flesh, launching barely one new date-based product per year.

We have thus been able to develop a fairly complete range of natural sweeteners which has had great success in Europe and North America. A resounding success to the extent that they appear as one of the best alternatives to white sugar.

By creating date-based ingredients, Boudjebel is participating in a movement in favour of sustainability and the preservation of natural resources. Every bite is a statement for responsible innovation, where no date is too ugly or not pretty enough to be enjoyed at its true value.

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