Qcify Presents Qcify HUB for the INC Innovation Award

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Imagine a food processing facility where all data is centralized, traceable, and up-to-date. Qcify HUB makes this vision a reality: Interconnectivity across the whole plant. The next leap in technology, revolutionizing the way you inspect, sort and analyze tree nuts and peanuts.

More than quality control: By leveraging advanced deep-learning algorithms and high-speed imaging technology, Qcify enables you to inspect the produce for defects, foreign bodies and quality characteristics like size, shape and color. We understand the complexities of nut processing and the importance of seamlessly connecting various stages of the production line.

The next step in automation: Data and analytics are key in food processing. Historically, the QC personnel had to physically go through the facility collecting samples before doing any analysis. Installing Qcify sensors throughout the line allows the QC team to redirect their efforts to focus on analytics and follow-up actions. This is why we developed an integrated central data space: the Qcify HUB.

The HUB is designed to procure insights from processing lines and to visualize them in one central overview. Together with the QConnect and QGrade software, it offers advanced analytics to the quality control team without having them go through the hassle of making rounds to collect data.

Integrated data solutions: QConnect and QGrade are designed to automatically integrate with various Qcify solutions, creating an interconnected network of quality and data, elevating the standards and efficiency. The software is completely customizable and scalable, enabling nut processors to adapt and grow over time. By building custom direct messaging triggers, the processors stay up-to-the-minute with their processes throughout the whole facility.

In conclusion, through the versatile integration of the Qcify HUB and its supporting software, Qcify innovates quality control and centralizes data analytics for the industry.

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