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*To become a sponsor at the INC Congress, you MUST be an INC member.


Main Congress & Gala Dinner

Be the host at the events’ grand finale and gain brand recognition in front of over 900 people on the big night.


Buffet Casual Dinner

The buffet casual dinner is one of the most anticipated events. It is a fantastic way to display your company in a relaxing atmosphere.


Meeting Area (3 days)

The Meeting Area is the go-to spot for the more than 900 Congress delegates to connect and meet with business peers.


Welcome Cocktail

Held on the first day of the Congress, the Welcome Cocktail gathers Congress participants for a nice evening centered on networking. 

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Lanyards are handed out to all INC Congress participants, meaning your brand will receive great exposure each day of the Congress.


Congress Bag

The Congress Bag is given to each confirmed delegate. Show off your company on this merchandise to get brand recognition.


All Day Coffee

All Day Coffee is the official coffee stop for the INC Congress and gives your company visibility to the hundreds of participants that make a stop each day.

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Buffet Lunch

The Buffet Lunch is held each day of the Congress and puts your brand at the forefront of hundreds of delegates.

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Welcome Banner

Get a prime location for your company’s logo at the entrances of the INC Congress and be seen by everyone who enters.

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Golf & Tennis Tournament

The Gold & Tennis Tournament is a post-congress event that encourages networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is one of the first encounters for all INC Congress delegates as they register and get ready for the event.

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Congress Folder/Notebook

The Congress Folder/Notebook is handed out to every single registered participant of the INC Congress.

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meeting point

Online Meeting Point

The Online Meeting Point is the virtual point of networking and meeting organizing during the INC Congress.

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Congress App

The Congress App is the official mobile application for the INC Congress and is used by hundreds of attendees.

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Exclusive Gift

Sponsors of the Exclusive Gift are able to provide a sample which will be distributed to all participants of the INC Congress.

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Standard Congress

A Standard Congress sponsorship promotes your company on the official Congress banner displayed all over the congress and in communications.

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